Puppy Reservations

We have 9 healthy puppies that will be looking for new homes starting April 16, 2021. Because we anticipate a lot of interest, we are going to accept reservations ahead of time so if you are interested you can be sure to get a puppy as long as we still have reservations available. We are asking for a $500 adoption fee which will help to cover the cost of food, de-worming, and the first round of shots. To reserve a puppy we are asking for $100 up front. We currently accept Visa and Mastercard using stripe. You can click the button at the bottom of the page to get started.

Right now they are still eating milk as you can see here, but we plan to start them off on a raw food diet when they start to eat solid food. This isn't something we expect everyone will do, but based on our experience this is the healthiest diet you can raise a puppy on so I figure it's the best start we can give them. Sophia and our other dogs all eat raw food as well, and it's always worked out well for them.

If you are interested, make sure to get in touch and let us know how best we can reach you. If you have any questions about the puppies or their parents please don't hesitate to ask. We check for responses to the form once a day. If you are looking for a more immediate response, you can sign into the FarmChat room on our matrix server. You can use the button below to reserve a puppy today.